In 2014 the ManKind Project brought together 28 dynamic speakers and thousands of men and women from around the world to uncover and fully empower their purpose —  to come ALIVE in service to a world that needs ALL of us! Take advantage of this powerful opportunity, access ALL the content of the Power of Purpose – Register now.

Feeling the call?

The call to make a difference, to find deeper meaning, to bring your gifts and passions more fully into your daily life. You’re ready to shine the light of who you are more brightly into the world. You know there is potentially more to life than what you have seen and done so far.  You’re done with the ruts and the routines, and yet not quite sure how to find your way – to living your life to it fullest…to your highest potential.

Your guide is in knowing your Purpose.

It is your purpose, the gift of YOU, that will help guide your way. Your North Star. Every hero, real or imagined, is driven by purpose. It’s the source of energy, direction, focus. It’s the sense of power we feel when investing our unique gifts and talents into a world that needs our passion, creativity and care. And you are the hero of your own life. Many of us are so over-scheduled, content-saturated, multitask-distracted, and burned-out by the intensity of life that there is little space left for exploring our purpose. In our need-it-in-a-nanosecond digital age, we don’t usually take time to truly explore the essential questions: “What is my purpose?”  And “How do I cultivate a purposeful life?” And these…“What brings me alive? What’s possible when my creativity, energy, and power are in line with my calling? How will I serve the world?”

We can’t do it alone.

It’s time to make this personal and collective exploration a priority. The Power of Purpose Summit was built on the idea that we can come together as a community and look deeply at purpose, meaning, service, and happiness in our lives. This is a place to get tools, ideas, and inspiration from a diverse group of teachers who can help you make the necessary shifts in your life to align yourself with your purpose — ready to give the greatest gifts you have to offer.

The time is NOW!

It’s time for you to start. To heed the call. Time to put important things first … to discover and start living your purpose. And like any heroic call, you cannot go it alone. Luminaries from all walks of life came together to build a fire with us — to share their deep wisdom with us. These men and women have lived big lives, they have struggled, failed and succeeded, grown and learned. They have wisdom and inspiration to share…with you!

They’re calling us to join them.

Join the Power of Purpose Summit.  Join thousands of men and women tapping into their authentic power to become the rising change-makers of this generation. The journey before us is one we all face, and it’s best taken together, and the more we support one another in fully claiming our purpose, the more our contributions will positively impact the world.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Power of Purpose Summit:

  • 21 expert audio interviews and 4 live interactive Q&A sessions
  • 7 expert HD Video presentations from our exclusive live event at the Brower Center in Berkeley, CA
  • Tools, techniques and insights about how to define or refine your personal purpose
  • Key practices to put into place right now to help you activate a new source of power
  • Resources and information to go deeper into your exploration of purpose
  • Fresh ideas and unique approaches to put your purpose into action
  • Inspiration to uncover and then fully live your purpose to truly make a difference

Join people like you who are following the call to live a bold life and make a difference.

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