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Welcome to The Power of Purpose Summit

chriskyleThanks for joining us for this unique global event for men. I’m Chris Kyle, the creator and co-host of the Summit. The live Summit ended on March 2, 2013. It was an amazing and inspiring event that attracted over 4,500 men (and a few women). We recorded everything and now you have access to all the tips, advice and wisdom shared by the great experts who spoke.

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New Online Course Starts March 19:

Man on Purpose:

The Essential 7-Week Online Course for Men

We are very excited to announce a new online course for men. The Man on Purpose course offers a seven-week, step-by-step proven plan to help you transcend your limiting beliefs, reclaim your power, and step fully into your purpose as a man. Designed by men for men, it gives you clarity and a focused vision for your purpose by reconnecting you with the healthy, masculine power you’ve always known was living inside you.

Man on Purpose is taught by Chris Kyle and George Daranyi, hosts of The Power of Purpose Summit, and starts March 19, 2013.

Click here for more information.


Invite Your Friends!

Before you go to the summit event page to listen to the recordings, please help us spread the word about the Summit to your friends. I’m sure you know other men who share your sense that life could be more alive and fulfilling. Well, here’s your chance to be a true friend by turning them on to the recordings of this awesome FREE event. Just click on the links to the right to share via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s to discovering the keys to igniting a new source of your power, creativity, and clarity as a man!

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